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Humber Galleries

Education and Media Guides after each of our ongoing exhibitions!

About & Topics

The Breadth of Distance brings together photography, video, installation, and sculpture, these artworks shift across geographies, cultural perspectives, and time. They consider grief, longing, care, and resilience from many angles. How do our relationships to place shape who we are and how we move in the present?


This exhibition asks us all to consider how we came to be here on this land. Whether we are Indigenous, multi-generational settlers, or recent immigrants, this current moment demands we think through how we might build mutual understanding and empathy while recognizing our many differences.

Exhibit Topics:

  • Diasporic identity
  • Colonialism and displacement
  • Familiar relations - Adoption, Intergenerational, ancestral
  • Trauma
  • Love and resilience
  • Grief and death
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Allopathic
  • Home remedies for care
  • Language and connection to culture
  • History of photography - anthropology
  • Representation and anti-Black racism
The Breadth of Distance
by Alize Zorlutuna, Curator


we carry continents,

cross oceans,

traverse vast distances while still.

the scent of comfort,

is also longing.

what goes unsaid,

a kind of knowing.

how do elsewheres live in the body?

in dreams?

half-remembered tongues.

in what cannot be named.

Images – The Breadth of Distance

Soko Fong Negash

Remedy in Practice 1, 2019

Traditional ingredients 

Soko Fong Negash

Remedy in Practice 2, 2019

Traditional ingredients

Soko Fong Negash

Remedy in Practice 3, 2019

Traditional ingredients

Shellie Zhang

I am Terrified /我担心, 2017

Neon, 10" x 40"

Shellie Zhang

I am Terrified /我担心, 2017

Neon, 10" x 40"

Petrina Ng

Heirloom Facsimile, 2010-2013

Cross stitch on cotton, 3 panels, each 48" x 35"

Chun Hua Catherine Dong

Mother, 2018

Photographs, video

Charlene Vickers

Wauzhushk Onigum, 2011


Melisse Watson

Reunion, 2019

Vest (wearable technology), digital illustrations on silk

Amber Williams-King

...but there are new suns, 2018

Low-fire clay, glaze and black nylon thread

Amber Williams-King

Preface ii ( i have seen many suns... ), 2018

Appropriated image, indigo-dyed linen, wax-print fabric, beading and paint, 45” x 52”

Amber Williams-King

left to right: un/ravelling i (the haunting), un/ravelling ii (the binding), un/ravelling iii (the calling), un/ravelling iv (the letting), un/ravelling v (the seeing), 2017

Dye-sublimation print and beading on cotton, 24” x 36”

Education Guide

An Education guide is a document compiled for each exhibit that includes information on the exhibit, curator, artist(s), art work and its meaning, topics, readings & articles, and resources.

These guides are helpful and are used by both faculty and students as they provide valuable information in a concise form. 

NOTE: A large number of the further readings and the resources in each guide are sources gathered from Humber Library and can be found there. 

Humber Library Resources



Other Resources


hooks, bell. All About Love: New Visions. New York: William Morrow, 2000.