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NURS 3052 Virtual Library Workshop: Part 1: News Articles

Current Issues, Events, and Trends: Exploring News Information

The health and care of Canadians is a topic frequently discussed in the media. Newspapers report on the current issues and trends that affect the public, so reviewing news articles is a good way to develop an understanding of how the public perceives or feels about an issue.

Humber Libraries provides access to hundreds Canadian newspaper publications, including large-market newspapers such as the Globe and Mail, the National Post, and the Toronto Star, as well as smaller publications such as the Brampton Guardian and Mississauga News.

Watch the video below to learn how to search for news articles by topic or by title.

Locating News Articles

Canadian News Databases

Humber Libraries subscribes to several Canadian news and media databases. Search the databases listed below to access current and past newspaper articles published across the country.

Try It!

Search for a Canadian newspaper article that discusses private vs. public health care in Canada.

What newspapers are publishing articles on this topic (major market, small local markets)?
Which sides of the debate are discussed? Are both sides presented?

What is the public opinion on both private and public health care?