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Library Search

Library Search is our comprehensive search tool - think of it as a "Google" search for the Library.

With Library Search you can:

  • Search for books, articles and more all from the same search box.
  • Search a wide range of article databases from one place.
  • Filter your results by item type, Library location, subject terms or date.
  • Easily limit your searches to full-text articles or peer-reviewed journals.

You can find the search box at the top of every page on the Library website. Start your search at

View the video below for a demonstration of how to find books, peer reviewed articles and more at the Library.

Key Databases

Explore our Social Science databases to find journal articles and more for your research assignments. 

Current News Collections

Finding Government Agencies, Publications and Reports

What are government publications?

Government publications are normally found on the website of a specific department of the Government. When possible perform the search on the department's website. Some departments have their own searchable catalogues while other departments may just have a list of current publications. Methods of searching for Canadian Government Documents can include: 

Finding Social Service Agency Publications

What is a social service agency?

  • Social service agencies serve specific populations of people within the social service sector.
  • Generate and publish reports based on their specific service and sector

How to find social service agency publications

  • Find a social service agency and look for a an area on their website named "Resources," "Publications", or "Reports"
  • Browse for annual reports as well as brochures, newsletters, etc. 
  • Read mission / vision statements to learn about the agency

Directories and Databases: 

  • Use the Library's Canada Commons database to find government, organization and think-tank publications, policy and reports on a wide variety of topics and issues. It also includes a 4150 directory of Canadian research and government organizations.
  • Use Toronto 211 to find relevant Toronto agencies
  • Use Ontario 211  to find relevant Ontario agencies. 

Finding Position Papers

What are Position Papers? 

  • Reports outlining someone's attitude or intentions regarding a particular matter.
  • Published by service organizations, advocacy groups and coalitions to generate support on an issue.

Tips for Finding Position Papers:

  • Include the phrase "position paper" in a search.
    • Example: "position paper" poverty

Not sure where to start looking?


Search Tips!

Choose keywords carefully

  • Choose words specific to your topic
  • Only use 2 or 3 main concepts
  • Use AND to combine different concepts

Include synonyms

  • Broaden your search
  • Include medical and popular terminology
  • Use OR to combine synonyms for the same concept

Filter your results

  • Publication date - for example only items published in the past 5 years
  • Resource type - for example only journal articles

Keep trying

  • Add/remove search terms to limit/expand your search
  • Try different databases
  • Research often takes longer than expected