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Massage Therapy

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Humber Libraries offers a wide range of information found across a variety of resource types. 

The scholarly publishing cycle begins with original research studies, and in some cases, exciting or groundbreaking research is publicized in the media. You can identify, locate, and verify the original source of information using library resources and/or the web.

 Resource Type


 Popular Magazine Article

 (online or in print)

  • Audience: nonprofessional; anyone
  • Appearance: glossy photos, many advertisements
  • Content: general interest articles, no reference lists, simple language
  • Authors: largely staff writers, often unknown
  • Examples: Sports Illustrated, Chatelaine, National Geographic, The Rolling Stone

 Scholarly, Peer Reviewed Journal   Article

 (online or in print)

  • Audience: professionals, researchers, academics
  • Appearance: no advertisements, plain, black & white
  • Content: original research, literature reviews, often contain abstracts, academic/professional language, often contain statistics, diagrams, long reference lists, peer-reviewed, academic affiliation
  • Authors: many authors, with many credentials and affiliations
  • Examples: Journal of Applied Research, Journal of Food Safety

 Trade Magazine/Journal Article

 (online or in print)

  • Audience: industry professionals, organization/association members
  • Appearance: glossy photos, most advertisements related to the industry
  • Content: current industry trends, new products or techniques, organizational news, articles may have short reference list, may contain professional jargon
  • Authors: industry professionals, organization/association members
  • Available online or in print
  • Examples: Advertising Age, Women’s Wear Daily, The Police Chief

 Website / Blog

 (online or in print)

  • Audience: varies
  • Content: varies
  • Authors: vary in credentials

 Government/Association   Publication/Information

 (online or in print)

  • Content: published and written by an association or a government, often includes country-specific data and statistics
  • Authors: government workers, association members
  • Examples: Health Canada, Statistics Canada, Ministry of Natural Resources, Registered Nurses Association of Ontario


 (online or in print)

  • Authors: vary in credentials
  • Content: Varies

 Newspaper Article

 (online or in print)

  • Audience: nonprofessional; anyone
  • Content: current, journalistic, simple language, no reference list
  • Authors: Writers/Journalists
  • Examples: Toronto Star, The Guardian, the New York Times



Below are a number of specialized eResource collections for Health Science related articles and resources. 

Canadian and global newspapers including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, the NY Times and the Guardian can be found in these eResources.

Research Tip Sheet