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Thank you to the collective for their leadership on APA 7th edition citation for business sources.

Thank you to the Purdue Online Writing Lab for setting the standard in citation help.

Thank you to the Publication Manual of the Psychological Association of America for being eminently readable and reliable.

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MarketLine Company Profile in APA

MarketLine Company Profile and SWOT Example

Citing a MarketLine report


(MarketLine, 2021)

Reference list

MarketLine. (2021, April). Banks in Canada [Industry profile].

IBISWorld in APA

IBISWorld Industry Report Example

Citing an industry report


(Koronios, 2020)

Reference list

Koronios, E. (2020, March). Book stores in Canada (45131CA) [Canada industry (NAICS) report]. IBISWorld.

Passport in APA

Passport Industry Report Example

Citing a country report


(Euromonitor, 2020)

Reference list

Euromonitor. (2020, February). Womenswear in Canada [Country report]. Passport.

SimplyAnalytics in APA

SimplyAnalytics Map Example

Create a description in square brackets, non-italicized, to describe the data or map. Look at the Variable Metadata or View Metadata section in order to get the Source information -- which agency collected the data. The Date is whatever year the data were collected.


(SimplyAnalytics, 2020)

Reference list

SimplyAnalytics. (2020). [Map of Toronto census division showing population by census tract]. Environics Demographic Estimates CA.

Statistics Canada in APA

Statistics Canada Examples

Statistics Canada provides detailed citation information below their data tables, but it is not in APA format. The citation examples below are an educated guess at citing Statistics Canada in APA style.

Citing a data table


(Statistics Canada, 2020)

Reference list

Statistics Canada. (2020, August 6). Health characteristics, annual estimates (Table: 13-10-0096-01) [Data set].

Citing an Infographic


(Statistics Canada, 2020)

Reference list

Statistics Canada. (2020, September 29). Canada's population, July 1, 2020 [Infographic].

Vividata in APA

Vividata Example

Citing Vividata Dapresy

The tables you generate in Vividata do not have titles. For the title, create a description in square brackets, non-italicized, to describe the data.

In-text (identify the question or split you are referencing, for example, "Demographics")

(Vividata, 2020)

Reference list

Vividata. (2020, Spring). [Type of lipstick/lipliner/lipgloss used by people 18+ in Ontario] [Data set].

WGSN Reports in APA

WGSN Report Example

Citing a WGSN report


(Hall, 2021)

Reference list

Hall, Lorna. (2021, January 19). Big ideas 2023: Fashion. WGSN.

APA Citation Help

Visit our APA page for tips on citing your sources or use videos from the APA in Minutes playlist below.