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Essential Research Skills for Workplace Writing

This tutorial is a basic introduction to doing effective and credible research for a variety of purposes and audiences

Learning Objective #6

Learn to use specific strategies to find relevant and credible sources on the Internet

Google Like a Pro

 Using the Internet for Workplace Research

Whenever you do research, you want to use the sources that are the best quality and best suited to your research task. While you are enrolled at Humber, the Library resources are usually your best bet in terms of the variety, relevance and quality of the sources you'll find there.

However, when you graduate from college and get a job, you may need to do research without having the access to the private databases and search tools that Humber Library has to offer. You may face a research task that requires that you use an internet search instead of a library search (as, for example, if you are researching venues for an office event). Even while enrolled at school, you may choose to conduct a general internet search to find high quality sources that are best accessed online, such as government websites and data sets or research reports produced by credible, non-governmental organizations. Whatever your reasons for using Google to conduct your research, you will benefit from learning some simple new skills to help you find the most relevant and credible sources online. 

Don't just Google: Google like a Pro!

The following video gives you an introduction to some simple search techniques you can use to weed-out irrelevant and low-quality sources, so that you can find the most relevant and credible sources for your research task.