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Library Research Tutorial - The Basics

This tutorial will guide you through the basics of research using the Library and beyond.



Learn about the Library's spaces, resources and services and how this Library 101 tutorial works. 

Welcome to Library Research 101

Welcome to your first Library tutorial!  This tutorial will introduce you the basics of Library research, and include videos and resources to support you. 

How this works: 

1. Each section of this tutorial has a different focus, and will include a video for you to watch and listen. 

2. Work your way through each section, taking time to review the information presented. Make sure to watch each video. Take notes and/or practice some of the research skills highlighted. 

3. After finishing the sections, your professor may ask you to complete a Skills Challenge, a short series of questions and activities based on the videos and information you have learned. Don't worry if you find yourself struggling!  You can always ask for help during an in-class Library workshop or by contacting the Library

Here is a short video giving an overview of the Library's services, resources and spaces to support your learning.