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Cosmetic Management

Step 1: Get WGSN Account

You must have a personal WGSN account in order to be able to access all of the features. There are 2 options for getting this account:

  • 1st year students need to create this personal account.
  • Returning students just need to re-activate this personal account.

Account Details

  1. Go to WGSN account page and choose the option that fits your status.
  2. You must use your Humber email to secure an account..

Note: this account will be active for 90 days (one semester). You will be required to re-activate your account every semester.

Step 2: Using WGSN

Once you've created an account, click on the WGSN link below and login.

WGSN provides forecasting and trend analysis, the industry's largest image library, and an online workspace.