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Clinical Research

Refine your search

Use boolean operators to make your search more effective.

AND finds records with all of your terms/keywords and narrows your search (cannabis AND anxiety).

OR finds records with any of the terms and broadens your search (youth OR teen OR adolescent).

Truncation finds records with a term's various endings (nurs* = nurse, nursing, nursed, nurses, nursing's).

Quotation marks find phrases instead of individual words ("cardiac arrest").

Fix Common Search Problems

I have too many results! Don't make me read all this!

  • Revise your research question to make it more specific, for example add a setting or population
  • Focus your search by using AND to add additional search terms, or use "quotation marks" to search for phrases
  • Limit your search to the title, or title and abstract only
  • Add limits such as publication date or type of publication
  • Use database-specific subject headings.

I am not finding anything!

  • Revise your research question and check it is not too specific
  • Expand your search by using OR to add synonyms for your search terms
  • Include different spellings (paediatric, pediatric) and both scientific and popular names (cannabis, marijuana)
  • Search using both subject headings and keywords

I've got three great articles, but nothing else!

  • Use the database or Google Scholar to find cited by and related articles
  • Check the reference lists of your great articles for other relevant articles
  • Check the subject headings on your great articles and search using them.