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Essential Search Tips

AND finds records with all of your terms/keywords and narrows your search.

OR finds records with any of the terms and broadens your search.

Truncation finds records with a term's various endings. For example, nurs* = nurse, nurses, nursing, nursed, etc.

Quotation marks search for a phrase instead of individual words. For example, "social media".

Finding Systematic Reviews

Humber LIbraries Page 1+ Search
  • Type your keywords into the search box (for example - diabetes)
  • On the search results page, click Advanced Search
  • Next to AND change Any Field to Title
  • Change contains to is(exact) and type systematic review
  • Click Search
  • Limit your results to Peer-reviewed Journals
Ovid Medline
  • Go to Advanced Search
  • Build a search for your topic as usual (contact the librarian if you are not sure how to do this)
  • Type systematic review.ti into the search box
  • AND the results of this search and the results of your topic search

For both these resources, you can expand your results by also searching in the title for the phrases scoping review or meta analysis.

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