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Mechatronics Engineering degree

This guide is built for those in the Bachelor of Engineering - Mechatronics program.

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Most engineering related materials can be found in the T call number range, although additional resources can be found some other areas too.

QA 76-76.66  Computer programming

QA 100-200  Mathematics

QC 1-999 Physics


T - Technology

T 59.5 - Automation

TA 1-800 Fiber optics

TA 166-167 - Human Engineering (Ergonomics/Human Factors)

TA 401-492 - Materials

TJ - Robots

TJ 223 Programmable controllers

TK 1-9971 Electrical engineering.  Electronics. Nuclear engineering

TK 1-1841 Production of electric energy, powerplants

TK 2000-2891 Dynamoelectric  machinery - includes generators, motors, transformers

TK 3001-3521 Distribution or transmission of electric power, electric power circuits

TK 4125-4399 Electric lighting

TK 5101-6720 Telecommunications

TK 7800-8360 Electronics

TK 7885-7895 Computer Engineering/Computer Hardware

TK 9001-9401 Nuclear engineering, Atomic power

TL 1-4050 - Motor Vehicles/Aeronautics/Astronautics