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Community and Justice Services

Research Guide

Searching Page 1+

Humber Libraries' Page 1+ search is a broad, multidisciplinary search tool - think of it as a "Google" search for the library.

With Page 1+ you can:

  • Search for books, articles and more all from the same search box;
  • Search a wide range of article databases from one place;
  • Filter your results by content type, library location, subject terms or date.
  • Easily limit your searches to full-text articles or peer-reviewed journals.

Start your search with Page 1+ at

View the video below for a demonstration of how to find books, peer reviewed articles and more at Humber Libraries. 

Research Databases

Explore key Community and Justice Services databases to find academic journal articles for your research assignments. 

News Databases

Search Tips!

Choose keywords carefully

  • Choose words specific to your topic
  • Only use 2 or 3 main concepts
  • Use AND to combine different concepts

Include synonyms

  • Broaden your search
  • Include medical and popular terminology
  • Use OR to combine synonyms for the same concept

Filter your results

  • Publication date - for example only items published in the past 5 years
  • Resource type - for example only journal articles

Keep trying

  • Add/remove search terms to limit/expand your search
  • Try different databases
  • Research often takes longer than expected