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Fire Services

This guide has been developed to introduce Firefighting students to Humber Libraries' resources and services, and to help with research.

Citing Your Sources: APA Style

When developing your research papers and other assignments, it is important to be sure that you give credit where credit is due. Throughout scholarly communication, you will notice that researchers cite the sources of information they use. By citing sources, we not only give credit to the original authors of information we use, but we show our readers (this includes our professors!) that we've done thorough research and have used quality sources.

There are two components to citing sources:

  • In-text Citations are used when paraphrasing or quoting an author in your assignments.
  • The Reference List page is the bibliography at the end of your assignments.

There are specific guidelines (citation styles) to follow when citing and referencing. Which guidelines you use depends on your course or program of study. The most commonly used citation styles are APA and MLA - at Humber, the Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellness uses APA Style.

APA Resources