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Firefighting Research Guide

This guide has been developed to introduce Firefighting students to Humber Libraries' resources and services, and to help with research.

Searching for Books and Reference Works

When researching your topic, consider both print and electronic books and reference works as valuable resources of information.

Reference works such as encyclopedias are perfect for obtaining a clear and concise overview of a topic, while more lengthy works might offer in-depth analysis and discussion.

To search for books and eBooks, enter your keywords into Discover. When on the results page, select Book/eBook under the Content Type selection area on the left side of the page.

Tip: eBooks can be accessed anytime, anywhere - just log in to Humber Libraries using your n-number and password. To sign out print materials from the library, head to the library, and don't forget to bring a form of ID with you. For more information or help finding books, ask a Library staff member.