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BHSW 2500 Library Research Resources

Scholarly Journals

Not sure where to begin your search?

The resource type pages in this guide provide video tutorials, instructions, and tip on how to research scholarly journal articles, books and reference works, news and media articles, web information, and statistics.

For advanced search tips and suggestions on how to improve your search results, explore the content on this page.

Fixing Search Problems

When you retrieve zero results:

  • Check your spelling - British (paediatric) and American (maternal labor) spelling might effect your search results.
  • Try using a term that might be more inclusive, or broad. Consider any medical terminology that might be used. For example, if low iron retrieves no results, try iron deficiency or anemia.


When you retrieve too few results

  • Use OR (ie. baby OR babies OR infant* OR toddler*), (heart OR cardiac) to expand the results.
  • Search for articles listed in the bibliography/works cited list at the end of relevant articles that you do find.
  • Perform an Author field search for the names of relevant or notable authors in a particular field who are listed in bibliographies/works cited lists.
  • Go beyond medical research: Try Social Sciences subject databases if your topic is geared to social, psychological, or family issues.


When you retrieve non-relevant results:

  • Ensure you are using proper terminology and/or subject headings. For example, myocardial infarction is often preferred to heart attack
  • Look through your search results and take note of any alternate or recurring keywords that could be used. Find a relevant article in your list of results, and use its proper subject headings or keywords to redo your search.


When you retrieve too many results:

  • If your search yields too many results (ie. diabetes), use AND to make it more specific (ie. diabetes AND therapy AND adult). In Discover, you can simply add additional keywords to the search box.
  • Use the search limiter options to narrow your search by type (e.g., journal articles, peer reviewed), subject terms, and date of publication.

Tips for Finding Canadian Information

  • Add Canad* to your search terms in any database;
  • Try using the word Canad* in the field that denotes: Publication Name, Journal Name, or Publication Title.
  • For a Canadian point of view on a topic try searching for Canadian News information.