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BHSW 2500 Library Research Resources

Searching for Scholarly Journal Articles


Humber Libraries' Discover search is a broad, multidisciplinary search tool - think of Discover as a "Google" search for the library. With Discover you can:

  • Search for books, articles and more all from the same search box;
  • Search a wide range of article databases from one place;
  • Filter your results by content type, library location, subject terms or date;
  • Easily limit your searches to full-text articles or peer-reviewed journals.

Discover is a great place to start your search for Scholarly Journal Articles because it's broad search capabilities capture results from a wide range of topics and resources. The video below explains how to start your search for information at

Subject-Specific Journal Databases

While Discover searches a wide range of the library's collection, a search within a specific database offers advanced search functionality. If your results in Discover are too broad or unfocused, try these some of the databases suggested. 

Tip: Not all journal databases function in the same way Discover does. If you're struggling to use any library resources, or can't seem to find the right information, contact the library for help.

Suggested Databases by Topic