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Behavioural Science

Research Guide

Behavioural Science Journal Evaluation

Assess & evaluate the journal as a source in the behavioral science field using these types of questions:

  1. History of the journal
  2. Longevity – how long has the journal existed
  3. Key figures – publisher, editors
  4. Editorial standards
  5. What are the publishing qualifications
  6. Author affiliations
  7. Purpose – who is the audience
  8. Is it a peer-reviewed journal
  9. Themes / content – are themes consistent
  10. Scope & focus of journal
  11. Relevance of journal in the field
  12. Strengths of the journal
  13. Limitations – has it ceased publication
  14. Indexing – are the journal articles indexed in in a social science database

Journal and Magazines at Humber

Check the Library eBook and Journal Holdings page to see if the Library subscribes to the journal and read some articles.

Enter the name of the journal in the search box to access to the journal. If the journal is not found then the library does not subscribe to that journal.

Journal Websites

Check the journal websites for the following type of information:

  • Overview
  • Editorial Board
  • Aims & Scope
  • Call for Papers
  • Submission Guidelines