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Legal Research


Legislation - Statutes
  • Statutes are the LAWS or acts that express the will of the Canadian parliament or provincial legislature
  • Introduced as a BILL
  • When passed the legislation is referred to as an ACT or a STATUTE and published in an official government publication.  For example, "Statutes of Canada"

Legislation - Regulations

  • Regulations are made under a specific Act
  • Subordinate or delegated legislation which are drafted by government officials
  • Published in an official government publication "Gazette"


Electronic Sources of Federal & Ontario Legislation

Canada, Federal

Canada's Parliament website includes Bills, Chamber Business (Debates/Hansard), Senators and Members 1867 - present, Virtual Library.

Canada Gazette
Is the official newspaper of the Government of Canada and contains formal public notices, official appointments, proposed regulations, regulations and public Acts of Parliament from government departments and agencies.

Canadian Legislation and Parliamentary Material
University of Toronto's Bora Laskin Law Library

Department of Justice Canada
Canadian statutes and regulations prepared by the Department of Justice Canada - Consolidated acts and regulations of Canada.

A written record of the daily proceedings of the house and its committees.


E-Laws is a database of Ontario’s statutes and regulations, both consolidated and source law

Bills, Hansard, orders and notices papers, votes and proceedings
Legislative Assembly of Ontario website

Ontario Gazette
A government's official newspaper.

Print copies of Canadian (Federal) and Ontario Legislation

Print Statutes - Canada, Federal

  • Revised Statutes of Canada 1985 - Call Number: KE89 1985
  • Statutes of Canada 1985-2007 - listed in the catalogue as Acts of the Parliament of Canada not as Statutes of Canada - Call Number: KE89 .C32

Print Statutes - Ontario

  • Statutes of Ontario 1991-2006 - Call Number: KEO185 .O568
  • Revised Statutes of Ontario 1990 -  Call Number: KEO185 .O56
  • Revised Regulation of Ontario 1990 - Call Number: KEO87