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Accents & Dialects

Accents and Dialects in the Library Collection

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 Accent    Call Number
Accents & Dialects for the younger Actor PN2071.F6 M453 2011
Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen (24 accents) PN2071.F6 N45 2012
Africa, West Indies, American South PN2071 .F6 L354
Afrikaans    PN2071.F6 M452 2013
American South PN2071.F6 L3582 2007
American Southern PN2071.F6 M4522 2013
Australian & New Zealand PN2071 .F6 L36 2005
British Isles PN2071.F6 M4533 2012
Cockney and other London accents PN 2071 .F6 C36112 2002
French PN2071 .F6 L3625 2004
American PN2071.F6 A233 2007
Geordie (Newcastle) PN2071.F6 A234 2007
German       PN2071 .F6 M4529 2012
Hampshire    PN2071 .F6 M4526 2012
Indian PN2071 .F6 M4527 2013
Irish PN2071 .F6 L364 2006
Italian PN2071 .F6 L3645 2004
Liverpool PN2071 .F6 M4529 2013
London (Cockney) PN2071.F6 A235 2007
New England (Downeast) PN2071.F6 M4528 2013
New York PN2071 .F6 L3646 2006
Northern Ireland    PN2071 .F6 M4532 2013
Pronunciation PN2071.F6 A237 2007
Russian and other Slavic PN2071 .F6 L364 2006
Scottish PN2071 .F6 M4535 2013
Spanish PN2071 .F6 L3656 2003
Welsh (south) PN2071.F6 A238 2007
Yiddish PN2071.F6 M4534 2013
Yorkshire (north and south PN2071.F6 A239 2007