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Plays - online scripts

American Film Scripts Online

American Scripts Online

Contains scripts of significant feature films from 1903 to 2006. Search by actor, character, director, producer, scene, subject, title, or writer.

Aboriginal Drama

Barker, Keith. The hours that remainPS8603 .A73557 H68 2013
Barlow, John Garfield. Inspiration point. PR98603 .A736 I67 2011
Mojica, Monique. Staging coyote's dream: an anthology of First Nations drama in EnglishPS8307 .S73 2003
Nolan, Yvette. Medicine shows: Indigenous performance culture. PN56.3 .I6 N65 2015
Nolan, Yvette. The unplugging. PR9199.3 .N549 U57 2014

Stories from the bush: The woodland plays of De-ba-jeh-mu-jig Theatre Group PS8309 .I53 S76 2009

Performing indigeneity: New essays on Canadian theatre PS8089.5.I6 P37 2016

International Playwrights

Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Indonesian, Vietnamese)

Gao, Xingjian. City of the dead & Song of the night.  PL2869 .O128 A2 2015
Gao, Xingjian. Snow in August. PL2869 .O128 B3213 2004
The Methuen drama anthology of modern Asian playsPR9417.5 .E54 M48 2013


Sierens, Arne. The ballad of crazy Paola. PR6057 .R3725 B35 2001


Barbosa, Marcos. Almost nothing & At the table. PQ9698.412 .A73 Q3713 2004


Kane, Sarah. Blasted. PR6061 .A573 B54 2011
Samuels, Diane. KindertransportPR6069 .A496 K56 2009


Rozo Flórez, Pedro Miguel. Our private life: a family parable in three acts and an epilogue. PQ8180.428 .O96 N8413 2011


Rodríguez Febles. The concert = El conciertoPQ7390 .R618 C6613 2004


Reza, Yasmina.'Art.' PQ2678 .E955 A713 1999 
Reza, Yasmina. God of carnage. PQ2678 .E955 D5413 2008
Reza, Yasmina. Life x 3. PQ2678 .E955 T7613 2003
Reza, Yasmina. Plays one. PQ2678 .E955 A2 2005


Mayenburg, Marius von. Eldorado. PT2673 .A946 E54613 2014
Mayenburg, Marius von. Martyr. PT2673 .A946 M3713 2015
Mayenburg, Marius von. The stone. PT2673 .A946 S7413 2009
Mayenburg. Marius von. The ugly one. PT2673 .A946 H3713 2007
Müller, Heiner. Three plays: Philoctetes, the Horatian, Mauser. PT2673 .U29 A2 2011
Schiller, Friedrich. Don Carlos: a play. PT2473 .D5 H46 2014​
Schimmelpfennig. Roland. Arabian night. PT2680 .I455 A7313 2002
Schimmelpfennig. Roland. Plays one. PT2680 .I455 A2 2014
Schimmelpfennig. Roland. The golden dragon.  PT2680 .I455 G6513 2011
Schimmelpfennig. Roland. The woman before. PT2680 .I455 F7313 2005


Dattani, Mahesh. Brief candle: three plays. PR9499.3 .D38 B75 2010
Karnad, Girish. Boiled beans on toast: a play. PL4659 .K33 B6513 2014
Karnad, Girish. Collected plays. PL4659 .K33 A2 2005 v.2
Karnad, Girish. Wedding album. PR9499.3 .K288 W43 2009
Karnad, Girish. The dreams of Tipu Sultan Bali & The Sacrifice. PR9499.3 .K288 D74 2004
Sircar, Badal. Indian history made easy & Life of Bagala. PK1718.S3263 A2 2010


Walsh, Enda. Delirium. PR6123 .A46 D45 2008
McPherson, Conor. The weir. PR6063 .C73 W45 2000


AkhtarAyad. Disgraced. PS3601 .K53 D57 2015


TahaDalia. Fireworks. PJ7964 .A32 A213 2015


Wakulik, Anna. A time to reap. PG7223 .A39 Z3913 2013


CarbunariuGianina. Kebab. PC840.413 .A74 K4313 2007 


García Lorca, Federico. Blood wedding = Bodas de sangrePQ6613 .A763 B613 2009
Mayorga, Juan. Way to heaven. PQ6663 .A985 C3613 2005


Norén, Lars. Three plays: Demons, Act, Terminal 3. PT9876.24 .O7155 A2 2014
Norén, Lars. Two plays: And give us the shadows and Autumn and winter. PT9876.24 .O7155 A2 2013


NyoniZodwa. Nine lives; and Come to where I'm from. PR6114 .Y66 A6 2015
GuriraDanai. In the continuum. PS3607 .U5489 I5 2007 

St. Bernard, Donna-Michelle. Gas girls.   PS8637 .A4525 G37 2011 (Zimbabwe themed)

Finding Plays

To browse for plays, use the following guide.

Language   Call Number Authors (examples)
Greek PA 3000 - 4505              Euripides; Sophocles
Roman PA 6000 - 6971 Plautus
Russian PG 2900 - 3698 Anton Chekov
French PQ 1211 - 2726 Moliere; Racine; Anouilh
Italian PQ 4227 - 4926 Luigi Pirandello
Spanish PQ 6517 - 7078 Frederico Garcia Lorca
Enlish PR 1241 - 6126 Ben Jonson: Pinter; Beckett**
Shakespeare PR 2802 - 2839  
American PS 623 - 3626 Edward Albee; David Mamet; T.S. Eliot
Canadian (English) PS 8001 - 8631 Judith Thompson: Sharon Pollock; George Ryga
Canadian (French - English translation) PS 9001 - 9599 Michel Tremblay; Wadji Mouawad
German PT 1251 - 5882 Goethe; Bertold Brecht
Norwegian PT 8854 - 8881 Henrik Ibsen
Swedish PT 9811 - 9816 August Strindberg