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BHSW 2500 Library Research Resources

Welcome to your Research Guide!

This library research guide has been developed to provide research support that you can access at any time.

This guide provides resources and tutorials on how to identify, find, and obtain information required for your projects in BHSW 2500:

  • Scholarly Journals, and Books and Reference Works: Humber Libraries provides access to books, articles, and other quality scholarly information from a wide variety of subject areas. Start your research by exploring video tutorials and key resources.

  • News and Media Articles: Research current health initiatives, healthcare advocacy, and public awareness by consulting both Canadian and international news publications.

  • Reliable Web Information: Identify and evaluate websites and web resources, including information from relevant health organizations and advocacy groups.

  • Statistics: Search for and retrieve data concerning the health of Canadians.

  • APA Style: Ensure your research assignments and presentations are properly cited.