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Advanced Health Sciences Research: Author as Nurse

This guide is designed to assist Nursing and Health Sciences students with research projects.


You may be required to retrieve articles authored by a nurse for your research - depending on the database you are using, you can limit your search by author qualification.

Tips for Finding Articles Authored by a Nurse


In CINAHL, articles authored by nurses can be found in two ways:

  • In "Search Options" area, select "Any author is Nurse" or "First Author is Nurse"

  • Too few results? Enter nurs* in a search field and change the search field option to "AF Author Affiliation."

    Doing so will search articles authored by those affiliated with the nursing profession.


  • When conducting a search, enter RN, RPN, PN, or other nursing designations as a keyword. Check results carefully to ensure that the author is a nurse (see below).


  • Read carefully! Look at article bylines or author biographies (often on the first or last page of an article) for RN (Registered Nurse), RPN (Registered Practical Nurse), or other professional designations.