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Social Service Worker

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Social Problems

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Use our DISCOVER search box for books & articles.  Then refine your search using the boxes on the left-hand side of the results page.

Important sections in the library

Browsing the library collection is good way to find related books.  Below is the call number range for sutides of interest to social service workers.

HM General sociology
HN Social History, Problems, and Reform
HQ Family, Marriage, and Women
HT Cities, Communities, Races
HV Social Services, Welfare, Criminology


You can look for specific books in the catalogue on these topics.

Social work with alcoholics Social work with children Social work with drug addicts Social work with immigrants
Social work with juvenile delinquents Social Work with immigrants Social work with people with mental disabilities Social work with the aged
Social work with the homeless Social work with the terminally ill Social work with women Social work with youth

 Other types of topics.

Adoption Aged Behavioral assessment of children Bisexuals
Child psychology Child welfare Deviant behavior geriatrics
Homeless persons Indians of North America Old age People with disabilities
Race discrimination Racism Racism in social services Rape
Sex crimes Sexual abuse victims Transexuals Victims of crime

Case Studies